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Agnes Joseph was born in Mangalore, South India in 1927 and created her own versatile curry powder. Enjoyed and revered by her family and friends, she now hopes it will inspire others to enjoy creating their own curries.

Gyanaprakasam (Joe) Joseph
was born in Nilgris, South India in 1927. He became Head Waiter at the India Club, London where he worked for over 35 years. He was featured in Channel 4's The Curry Connection first broadcast in 1990 and is an ex-Chairman of the Curry Club (founded 1963) whose purpose was "to meet on odd occasions to enjoy a really excellent curry".

Agnes and Joe have lived in London since the early 1950s.

agnes & joe's universal curry masala
is a South Indian blend of nine whole spices roasted and finely ground to a family recipe. These are: coriander seeds, cumin seeds, black peppercorns, dried red chillies, black mustard seeds, cardamom pods, fenugreek, cloves, and cassia bark.

Asian families traditionally blend their own masala to use at home. Agnes and Joe's curry masala is typically mild so to vary the strength of the dish you are cooking simply add more chillies. There are many varieties of chillies available with
varying degrees of heat. Agnes and Joe use green finger chillies which are a hot variety. As a guide use one for mild, two for medium and three plus for hot.

The masala can be used with meat, poultry, fish or vegetables.

"We hope you enjoy creating traditional curries for your friends and families!"

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Agnes & Joe at the India Club, The Strand, London 1966

Jimmy Doherty from BBC TV's Jimmy's Farm